Do’s and Don’ts Associated with Decorating

The design or colour of a home can be subjective and what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. However, there are some things that are attempted with decorating that shouldn’t always be attempted.

Similarly, there can be times when moments of inspiration pass us by. As such, it’s important to ensure that some balance is maintained when considering what you should and shouldn’t do in relation to decorating.

DO Look for Inspiration When Travelling Abroad

Trying to find inspiration when at home is always as easy as we’d like, and it can take some longer to become inspired than others.

However, if you’re looking for some original ideas when it comes to decorating, then why not take some notes next time you’re on holiday.

The inspiration could come from anywhere, including museums and scenic landmarks. Some simple notes or a few photographs could be all that’s need when it comes to creating a tailored approach to decorating.

DON’T Use White if Animals or Children Live in the Household

The use of white in the home is a great way of freshening up tired and drab rooms. However, despite its benefits, white is also a magnet when it comes to smears, marks and scratches.

As adorable as children and pets are, it’s important that realistic expectations are put in place. Both young children and animals love to explore the home, and white walls can soon reflect this.

The same is true for white upholstery and rugs. This isn’t to say that white should never be used, but the overuse could mean the maintenance takes longer than it should, which isn’t ideal for those with busy lifestyles.

DO Test Colours That You’re Interested in Using

Although a colour may seem warm and inviting when we first see it, this doesn’t always mean that it will be a good fit for every space. To ensure that the right colours are being matched with the home, it can be worthwhile carry out some tests by applying different patches of paint to the wall to see which sits better with the theme of the home.

The testing of colours also ensures that you’re not having to spend more than you need to when decorating the home.

DON’T Ignore Details Relating to Architecture

Some people can become so invested in the colours being used that they don’t always consider how the design will be applied when it comes to the architecture.

This isn’t to say that the look you’re aiming for can’t be achieved, but it’s important that all factors are considered when it comes to injecting new life into an old space.

For example, will the colours be being used clashed with the architecture? Has the furnishing been considered? The factors that need to be considered can vary vastly depending on the home in question, but it’s worthwhile taking some time out to make some consideration to ensure that the decorating process isn’t hindered.

DO Consider Door and Entrances When Decorating

Whereas some may just be looking to freshen up the home, others may be looking to convert the home completely. The doors and entrances can make all the difference when trying to make an original statement, so it’s worth factoring in both when looking to make changes around the home.

For example, those looking for a more open space could consider increasing the height of door space which means that other decorating plans can be implemented with ease.

DON’T Forget to Focus on Functionality

As well as deciding on textures and colours it’s also important to ensure that the design being implemented offers functionality for those living in the home. Furnishing and fixtures that look great are all very well, but they will lack the immersion factor if there is little in the wat of functionality.

Originality is always promoted, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of your comfort.

DO Consider How Lighting Will Be Used

There are many options when it comes to room lighting, and again it’s important to ensure you’re considering the practical uses of lights as well as the mood it can convey.

Those looking to light a space that’s used for homework or freelances will want to ensure that task lighting is put in place, whereas those looking to set an ambient tone may want to focus on something that can be adjusted.

A good way to manage the lighting throughout the home is to ensure that there are dimmer switches installed throughout the home.

DON’T Push All the Furniture Against the Wall

Opting for an open plan when reinventing the home is understandable, this doesn’t mean that all the furniture must be pushed against the wall.

Although there will be instances where this is done for large social gatherings, the clever placement of furniture and furnish can help break up a room creating more conversational areas.

Again, it’s about finding what works best in relation to functionality and style, but it’s important to remember that there is little in the way of restriction when it comes to decorating.

Before splashing on the paint there can be a lot of factors to consider but taking some time out to consider your options ensures that you’re never having to spend more than you need to in relation to decorating.

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